Termination on Labour Contract

1. Cases for terminating the labour contract

  • Contract expiry;
  • Work completion;
  • Mutual agreement;
  • Retirement;
  • Imprisonment, death or work prohibition;
  • Declared dead, missing or incapable of civil act
  • Cease of the employer’s operation;
  • Unilateral termination by the employee;
  • Unilateral termination by the employer;
  • Retrenchment; or
  • The employee is disciplinarily dismissed

2. Unilaterally terminating labour contract

2.1 Employee has the right to terminate labour contract in the following cases:

  • Wrong work, workplace or working conditions;
  • No full salary payment;
  • Maltreatment, sexual harassment, forced labour;
  • Non-recovery from sickness/accidents after 90 consecutive days of treatment (definite term labour contract) or ¼ of contract term (seasonal labour contract/specific job for under-12-month labour contract)
  • Employee or their family’s personal difficulties
  • Election to the State agency
  • Medical center’s instruction to pregnant employees


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