About Us


Luatsulaodong.net is a website dedicated to the labor law by a collection of labor lawyers together to edit and disseminate. The purpose of this site is to assist those who work in the employment of personnel, workers and those wishing to learn about labor law by systematically providing the prescribed labor legislation. Arrange, edit carefully and thoroughly.

The biggest difference that Luatsulaodong.net has over other labor websites is the system of practical questions and the legal case of lawyers specializing in labor. Most of the practical issues that arise during the operation of the business are collected and edited in full.

As an expert on labor law, we are also willing to share a relatively large database of labor laws in the library section including labor law project files, The current labor law, training materials of judges and labor judgments.

In addition, to meet the demand for legal services on labor requires high quality, fast speed and reasonable cost. We also refer to this website for information on employment law services.

On behalf of the editorial board luatsulaodong.net thank the attention and contribution of customers and readers in the past.

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