1. Why the internal labor regulation (ILDR)

The purpose of compliance is because the law stipulates that if an employer (employer) employs 10 or more employees, it must have an ILP. If there is no ILR, the administrative violation can be fined 5-10 million VND.

Issuing and publishing regulations on company order to prevent violations of labor discipline

To be a legal basis to handle labor discipline (LSQLDD)

Specify the regulations of the corporation, the parent company

Develop rules and standards

2. Main contents of the ILMP

Working time, rest time;

Order at work;

Occupational safety and health at the workplace;

Protection of property and business secrets, technology secrets, intellectual property of employers;

Violations of the labor discipline of employees and the forms of disciplinary action, material liability.

3. Process issued

Step 1: Drafting

Step 2: Consult with the grassroots trade union executive committee (PSC)

Step 3: Issue

Step 4: Register with your local labor office

4. The following contents are generally considered to be inconsistent with the provisions of Vietnamese law

Limit workers to work for competitors or other businesses while in labor relations with themselves

Limit workers who set up businesses that have conflicts of interest in doing business with them

Limit the manipulation of old employees to work for the business that has a conflict of interest within a certain period of time after the termination of the employment contract.

Commitment to confidentiality of information, business secrets, technology after termination of labor contract

It is not permissible to refer to and apply the regulations of parent companies or corporations abroad (such as code of conduct, code of ethics, employee handbook)

English-Vietnamese labor regulation language. Especially, English is the preferred language when there is a difference between English and Vietnamese

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